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Morgan Cooper
Port Colborne, Ontario
(289) 990-8781

About Us

Living Out Loud has been created to meet the needs of those in our communities who are managing an exceptional ability.

In 2011 our son was born and diagnosed with Down syndrome. Through our journey with Logan we have met many wonderful families and been supported by some outstanding services. Although it seems that in every conversation that I have with other parents or caregivers there is one underlying plea; we need help.

“My daughter hates going to school because she is bullied."
"My son loves music but the available music programs do not work for him."
"Our kids will graduate from high school next June. We are panicking. We do not know what we are going to do."
"My adult son enjoys a day program through the day but I struggle to find activities for the evenings and weekends."

Finances are difficult for most families and maybe even more so for a family who has a member managing an exceptional ability. But many of these families are not asking for money, they are asking for options. There is currently a severe shortage of appropriate programs throughout the region. Living Out Loud listens to the needs expressed by the families and works with them to create the programs they are missing.

Living Out Loud believes that every person deserves the opportunity to discover what lights them up and not only spend time doing it but to become great at it. Every person has an exceptional ability that when realized and nurtured allows them to live a full and meaningful life.

A community that embraces the exceptional abilities of all its members.

Mission Statement
Living Out Loud is a community organization that aims to educate, support and empower those managing an exceptional ability. We strive to create awareness in the community of the talents possessed by our participants and work to see their talents valued in the community. Living Out Loud believes that everyone deserves to contribute to their community doing something they love.

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