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Morgan Cooper
Port Colborne, Ontario
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Pony Club

Would you like to increase your equine knowledge in a hands on small group setting? Join us on the farm for our weekly Pony Club meetings. Each meeting is 60 minutes and focuses on one selected topic such as breeds of horse, parts of the horse or equine first aid. We spend 30 minutes introducing new information followed by 30 minutes of hands on practice. Each participant received weekly hand-outs and their own binder.
Fee $15 per session
(Currently we meet from 5:30 to 6:30 Monday evenings. Dates can be added as needed.)

Ranch Party

Gather 5 of your pony crazy friends and celebrate your birthday at the farm.

  • 45 min of hands on pony education
  • 45 min for a picnic & pony ride/horse drawn cart tour
  • You provide picnic & cake
  • 6 participants
  • $200

Equine Stable Management

Living Out Loud recognizes that, although someone may have the passion and desire to become a knowledgeable horse person, the traditional busy stable environment may not compliment their individual learning style.

Our Equine Stable Management program provides a customized experience that will allow you to apply your personal learning strategies and spend time with an equine friend. We can work with your unique set of abilities to ensure you enjoy realization your desired objectives.

Sessions are designed to build knowledge in:

  • Barn Safety
  • Basic Equine Behaviour and Communication
  • Brushing Tools and Techniques
  • Basic Equine First Aid
  • Basic Feeding and Nutrition

Call, text or email us today so that we can get to work tailoring this educational and restorative experience just for you.
$40 per session or $180 for 5

Equine Partnership

Living Out Loud is committed to providing those with unique learning strategies the opportunity to experience the benefits of the equine-human partnership. Conventionally, we envision this team as a rider upon the horse, but an equally valuable experience can be achieved with the handler's feet squarely on the ground.

Given your specific combination of strengths, abilities and goals, we will match you with one of our miniature horses. Together we will explore the skills and disciplines available to master all, while building your equine relationships.

Possible areas of focus:

  • Equine Behaviour and Communication
  • Harnessing and Long Reining
  • Trick Training
  • Equine Agility
  • Show Preparation

Call, text or email us today so that we can match you with one of our miniature friends.
$40 per session or $180 for 5

Dream Catcher- Our academic career provides us with the goal of graduation and the well warn pathway to get there. But what do we do when we have enjoyed this achievement and our next goal is not dictated to us? If your child has a non academic target, you are a high school graduate in search of for your next career, or you are a mature adult in need of a challenge the Dream Catcher program is for you.

The Dream Catcher program creates a personalized plan to not only allow you to discover what lights you up, but to help you become great at it. You can then take your personalized plan and apply it in an educational setting, at home, or join us weekly to spend time with others achieving their dreams.

Let us create for you a pathway to success.

Download our Dream Catcher Brochure

Dream Catchers is now being offered by Dorothy Murtaugh and Endless Possibilities. Contact Dorothy directly at (905) 658-9579 endless4you@outlook.com www.endlesspossibilities4you.ca


Emergency Medical Card

There is currently no universal medical record data base where a person's entire medical history can be found. Therefore, it is the patient's responsibility, or that of their primary care giver, to understand, recall and explain this important information when required.

Anyone one who has been asked to provide even basic health information in a time of crises can attests to the feeling of helplessness experienced when your only responses are, "I don’t know" or "I do not remember."

The Emergency Medical Card contains the answers first responders require to treat the patient quickly and effectively. If made easily accessible to teachers, coaches, baby sitters or worn on the patient's person, the EMC allows anyone at the scene to immediately provide first responders with all critical health information.

Call, text or email Living Out Loud today to learn how we can quickly and conveniently provide you or your loved one with this potentially lifesaving document.
$50 for the initial card $25 for updates

Sample Emergency Medical Card

Support Network (no charge)

Caring for someone with extra needs can present the greatest of challenges, but the rewards can also be deeply gratifying. The journey of trials and emotions are so unique that even those who love you the most cannot 'get it', simply because they are not 'in it'. The comfort and strength that can be found in a small group of those who are 'in it' can be a life line.

I am committed to supporting those who are connected to someone who manages extra needs. I believe that the focus person benefits the most when their entire team feels empowered.

Call, text or email me and allow me to be your sounding board or to connect you with others in your area sharing a similar journey.
No charge

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